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1920  USGS Fire Control Map
(revised 1926)

1926 USGS Fire Control Map, Revised 1926. Hybla Valley "Landing Field" noted with large barn (hangar) on Washington and Richmond Highway (Route 1).  Later, Route 1 was relocated and this old section of Rt 1 renamed Fordson Rd (see last photo below)

1939 Aerial Hybla Valley Airport
flying north

Photographer Harry J. Lehman
circa 1947 Aerial Hybla Valley Airport
click to enlarge   flying north

Photo Courtesy Ashburn Collection-- Hybla Valley Airport just over the nose of the Fairchild PT-26 (NC-9182) and the Mount Vernon Drive In Theater below the landing gear. Beacon Field can be seen at the center top.
1957 Fairfax County Street Map

1957 Fairfax County Government Map
1950 USGS Aerial w/annotations

17 April 1950 Beacon Field (center) and Hybla Valley (bottom center) Airports: USGS MAP
Modern Street Overlay Hybla Valley Airport
Click to Enlarge

Click to Enlarge Overlay -- COURTESY Fairfax County Government